NCOA Address Correction and GiftWorks

GiftWorks offers NCOA/CASS service. If you are interested in this service, please contact your GiftWorks Sales Team member.

If you have another vendor NCOA/CASS certify your addresses, you will need to follow the specific steps below.

When you export your mailing list, be sure to include donor names in separate first, middle and last name fields that are reserved...'reserved' means the reserved fields won't be changed by the correction process (NCOA or other list processor) so when you re-import this information GiftWorks can connect the new data to the actual donor to whom it belongs.

When you export the address, be sure to include the associated Address Name field. Doing so means that GiftWorks will overwrite the exported address with whatever new address information is corrected. Failure to specify the Address Name means that GiftWorks will import the corrected address as a new address, not overwriting or correcting the exported one.

Importing a new address will cause it to be marked at the primary address for that donor, regardless of whether the exported address was the primary address or not.

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