How to setup email in GiftWorks

How to setup emailing in GiftWorks using the option "Your Own Server Settings". To use the emailing option in GiftWorks you will first need to setup the email settings. Go to Mailings> Send Mail> To a Donor (this can be anyone).

Then click on the button for Click here to configure email settings

A dialog box will come up where you will need to choose your email method. **Note: If you are a GiftWorks Anywhere user you will only see the second option.

If you use Gmail you can use the same Server Name and Server Port as shown below. As well as checking the box for Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Then enter in the email you want to use with the email password and then click Next.

**If you are using a different email provider you will have to look up what their email settings are. 

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