MailChimp Integration with GiftWorks

MailChimp Integration with GiftWorks

GiftWorks can now be integrated with MailChimp an online email marketing service.

This integration will allow you to synchronize your lists of contacts in MailChimp with donors in GiftWorks. Instead of having to import and export information between GiftWorks and MailChimp, you can now keep everything up to date with a few clicks.

Please read the following information before integrating MailChimp with GiftWorks. MailChimp has mailing lists and groups. Each mailing list can have contacts assigned to it, as well as contacts assigned to each group.

When integrating with GiftWorks, one suggestion would be to setup a MailChimp Mailing List called GiftWorks. Then under that GiftWorks list you will have one or multiple Groups, (i.e. Newsletters, New Members, etc.). Those Groups are what will be synced with GiftWorks, not the GiftWorks list, so if you have contacts assigned to just that list the integration will not include those specific contacts.

The only fields you can sync with MailChimp are Email Address, and First and Last name. Whether you are currently only using GiftWorks, only using MailChimp, using both GiftWorks and MailChimp, or not using either, you will find the steps below helpful in getting you started.

If you currently use GiftWorks but do not use MailChimp

The first thing you will need to do is sign up for a free MailChimp account. Click here to get started

Once you have set up both GiftWorks and MailChimp, scroll down to the Getting Started section below.

If you currently use MailChimp but do not use GiftWorks

The first thing you will need to do is download a 14-day free trial of GiftWorks. Click here to get started.

After you have installed GiftWorks, you can sign in to the sample database or create your own database (which has no data in it). Once you have set up both GiftWorks and MailChimp,scroll down to the Getting Startedsection below.

If you currently use both GiftWorks and MailChimp

Since you are already using both GiftWorks and MailChimp, you can scroll down to the Getting Started section below.

If you currently do not use GiftWorks and MailChimp

Free Trials of both GiftWorks and MailChimp are available.

To download a 14-day free trial of GiftWorks click here

To set up a free MailChimp account click here

Once you have set up both GiftWorks and MailChimp,scroll down to the Getting Started section below.

Getting Started!

We recommend that you first watch the video that was created on the synchronization process. The video is an overview on GiftWorks, so you will need to advance to the section about MailChimp. Click here to watch

Then to start the synchronize process for GiftWorks with MailChimp go to Settings/ Tools, Updates, and Integration/ Email Service/ Mail Chimp/ Click on the Synchronize with MailChimp option.

Each step of the process is shown below.

First, you will need to click Connect to MailChimp. In the web browser that comes up you will enter in your MailChimp username and password. Click here if you need to setup a MailChimp account. Once you do you will receive a pin, copy that pin and paste it into Step 2. Then click Verify Connection, you will receive a message that it was successfully, then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

As mentioned previously MailChimp has Lists and Groups. You will need to choose the Mailing List that has the correct groups and contacts that you need.

For the initial sync you will need to choose a default list that all contacts will be added to.

Choose the synchronization options for the MailChimp lists. You may have some lists that have contacts that do not need to be in GiftWorks. Once you select those options click Next.

Choose the options that best match how GiftWorks and MailChimp should integrate. You will need to choose the options to be used every time you synchronize and the first time you synchronize. If a contact unsubscribe from all lists in MailChimp, donors with a matching email are marked as do not email in GiftWorks ONLY if that option was selected during the initial synchronization.

Click Next and review the summary screen. If you are happy with the choices you make, click on Contact GiftWorks and MailChimp. If you would like to change the option you chose, click Back.

Click Finish when the synchronization is completed.

Your MailChimp lists will now show in GiftWorks as Mailing Lists.

To update Synchronization

Go to Settings/ Tools, Updates, and Integration/ Email Service/ Mail Chimp/ Update Now.

This process will check to see if any information has changed in GiftWorks or MailChimp. If it has, this process will update that information.

After integrating, if a new donor is added to GiftWorks they will only be added to MailChimp during the next synchronization if they are in a MailChimp mailing list in GiftWorks.

At any time, you can Update Lists, Update Custom Fields or Update Password on the synchronization screen. In some cases, you may be required to address these areas if something has changed (e.g. Custom field no longer exists on GiftWorks, MailChimp password has been changed).

The only way to re-do or choose different options for the every time synchronization, is to remove the integration and start over. To do this click on the link Click here to stop using MailChimp at the bottom of the synchronization screen.

View MailChimp email history such as emails set, emails opened, links clicked and more while in a donor profiles in GiftWorks. Go to the donor and click on the Social tab.

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