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Below is an example of a scenario for creating a list for a specific Group. You can use GiftWorks to manage a list of registered singers and their families. Once the data is in, you can generate a phone list that is sorted by the singer name, and includes the household address, parents names and alternate phone numbers. By using Donor information you can select criteria to create a SmartList that will contain the information you want

Select Add a Donor and choose Donor with household profile and click Next. Enter the parent names and enter the address information. In the Next Steps screen choose Add more details to this donor. At the bottom select Add Group and create a Group Name for the singers and click Save. All subsequent singers should be added to the group.

Next click on the Relationships tab and Add Household Members. Here add the names of any singers in that household. To add alternative phone numbers for each singer, click on the Relationships tab in the household profile and select a name from Family Relationships and click on Edit Donor. Select Add Phone/Fax and add the phone number and Set as primary phone. Once you have made any changes click Save to continue

Once you have added everyone to your database, select SmartLists and click on Create a SmartList. Select Donors to show in the SmartList. In the criteria category dropdown list, choose Development Info and then Group. Check the group name and click Next. Your SmartList will contain the parents' names, addresses and phone numbers. To include the names of the singers, click Add Criteria Set and from the criteria category dropdown list select Development Info and Donor/Affiliate Donors. Check Affiliate Donors and Ok. Singers will now be listed below their parents Click Print to print the SmartList

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