SmartList for Donors by Location

You can create a SmartList of donors based on the distance to their address from a specific location.

You define what the location is, based on the distance (miles or kilometers) from a specific Zip/Postal code or a specific Latitude/Longitude.

Note: this feature will only work AFTER you validate your addresses in GiftWorks.  

The SmartList criteria option for Location is available when creating a SmartList based on Donors. 

Choose to create a new SmartList and choose “Donors”

Click to select the criteria and choose:  Address Information> Distance from Location 1 (or from Locations 2, 3 or 4 depending on what you need) 

Then choose the comparison option (‘is equal to’, ‘greater than’, etc) enter in the value and click Ok 


To define the Location(s), click on the Options tab at the top of the SmartList

Click on the Locations tab to the left 

Here you can define up to four (4) locations (depending on what you need) 

If you used ‘Distance from Location 1’ as the criteria to create your SmartList, then you will want to click on the ‘Location 1’ tab 

Give Location 1 a name (ex: ‘Distance from our office’) or leave it as the default value of ‘Distance From Location 1’ 

Choose the ‘From’ option of either Zip/Postal Code or Latitude/longitude and enter in the value

Then choose the ‘Distance’ option of either Miles or Kilometers 

You can then click on ‘Customize’ to show a column for Distance from Location1 – based on what you named Location 1.  If you named Location 1 “Distance from our office” – then you will want to look for that option when you customize.

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