How Do I Remove Donors from a SmartList

The short answer don't (and you can't). The longer answer is...SmartLists are dynamic lists that are built based on criteria. Every time a SmartList is viewed, the criteria used to build the SmartList will be re-evaluated and the list will represent the result of the criteria used. Donors in a SmartList cannot be individually removed from a SmartList. What if you need to remove/add donors from your SmartList? If you want to have a list that you can add/remove donors, you will most likely want to create a Mailing List. Mailing Lists in GiftWorks are useful for placing donors in that are not based on a defined set of criteria. How do I populate a Mailing List with a SmartList? If you have a SmartList that you want to put into a Mailing List so that you can add or remove remove certain donors, watch this How-To video

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