SmartList vs. Mailing List

GiftWorks SmartLists allow you to set rules by specifying criteria to get a list of all the donors or donations that match those criteria. SmartLists are automatically updated to include any new or changed donors or donations that meet the criteria you have set. SmartLists can be used sending mailings and running reports

While a SmartList is a set of criteria that defines which donors or donations are part of the SmartList, a Mailing List is a list of specific donors who will receive a mailing. You can manually add or remove individual or groups of donors to a Mailing List. You can also add the current contents of a SmartList to any Mailing List. When you send a Mailing to a Mailing List, you can choose to clear the contents of that Mailing List, or to keep the Mailing List contents for re-use

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