Transferring Data via USB Drive

Transferring Data via USB Drives

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Select Importing, Exporting & Data Management > Manage Your GiftWorks Database
  3. Click on Back up the Database
  4. Backup Data to your desktop
  5. Insert USB Drive
  6. Right click the backup file (.gbf) and select "Copy"
  7. Locate the USB drive (Open the My Computer tab to reveal the location of your USB drive)
  8. Right click the USB drive and select "Paste"
  9. Verify that it is safe to remove your USB Drive
  10. Give the USB drive to the person with whom you want to share the data

Installing Data from a USB Drive

  1. Insert USB Drive in USB Port
  2. Select "Open folder to view files via Windows Explorer*"
  3. Save the file containing GiftWorks Data to your desktop
  4. Open GiftWorks
  5. Click on the Settings icon
  6. Select Importing, Exporting & Data Management > Manage Your GiftWorks Database and Restore The Database
  7. Click Browse to select the location of where your backup file is saved (your USB drive).
  8. Select the .gbf file and select Open and click Ok.
  9. Browse to the location where you wish to restore the database and specify a name for the restored database file.
  10. Select "Yes"* to overwrite if there is an existing version of the data on your PC

You can store a GiftWorks database on a USB or thumb drive if you have full read and write permissions to the drive.

Be sure to always properly close GiftWorks prior to disconnecting the USB or thumb drive. Disconnecting the drive prior to closing GiftWorks could lead to database corruption.

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