Canadian Replacement Receipt Process

Question We need to be able to "reprint" a receipt for a donor who has lost theirs and needs it for tax purposes. The new receipt should replicate all of the information of the original donation and add this additional message: "This receipt replaces missing Receipt#xxx". We also need the donor's record to indicate the new receipt number for that particular donation.

Answer Optionally, you could now go into that donor's interactions record, and right-click on the original receipt mailing for this donation and delete it from the donor's record. You still have the original receipt in the actual donation record and the new mailing you just recorded will show the old receipt number and date of issue. Open your "saved" file and edit the letter to add the receipt number being replaced and the replacement receipt number, make 3 copies. This way, you can send one to the donor, save one for a receipt sequence file (staple a copy of the original receipt behind it), and save one to staple on top of the original copy (which you cancelled) for the donor's hard file or a file of replacement receipts issued. This will produce a clear audit trail. For your peace of mind, we suggest you confirm this process as acceptable to your auditors and regulators Our thanks to Tom Obright of MicroWorks, one of our Canadian Consultant Partners, as a contributing resource for this solution

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