Recording Sponsors and Recipients in GiftWorks

Question How can I record my Child Sponsorship or Scholarship program in GiftWorks?

Answer Using a combination of donor and donation custom fields along with the Affiliate Donor designation will allow you to track your scholarship program in GiftWorks. You can use donor custom fields to manage a wide variety of information about the scholarship recipients as necessary. Add each scholarship recipient as an Affiliate Donor. Affiliate donors are people you want to have information about in your database but you cannot add donations to affiliate donors and are by default omitted from SmartLists.

You can, however, use the donor and donation custom fields as criteria categories for SmartLists. You can use a donation custom field text dropdown list to list all scholarship recipients. As donations are added and directed to recipients, you can select the specific recipients from the text dropdown list. Click on the Settings section and then click on Fields, Lists and More. Select Manage Donor Custom Fields or Manage Donation Custom Fields to add donor or donation custom fields.

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