Merging Donors and Finding Duplicate Donors

GiftWorks has the ability to Merge duplicate donors

Go to Settings/Tools, Updates and Integration/Merge Donors

On this page, the left side donor is the Donor to Merge. This is the record that is the duplicate and that will be merged into the right donor. This donor will also be automatically permanently deleted after the merge.

The Donor to Keep on the right side of the screen is the donor record that will be kept and will receive the information from the left donor. This should be the donor that has the most correct information.

GiftWorks also offers a Find Duplicate Donors feature

Go to Settings/Tools, Updates and Integration/Find Duplicate Donors

This allows for you to search for potential duplicates in the database based on Display Name, First, Last, Organization, Address line 1, City, State, Zip, Phone and/or email. You can also choose to include or exclude affiliates in the search results. You can then merge straight from the search results.

*NOTE: There is not a way to merge donors if either of the donors are associated with an Event or are setup in the Volunteer add in. The reason for this is so you do not lose any valuable information associated with the Event add in or Volunteer add in. You would need to manually remove any connections for the donor(s) to the Events or Volunteers addin (delete their reservation etc) in order to be able to merge them.

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