International date and currency formatting

GiftWorks uses the Regional Settings that are configured within the Control Panel on your computer to properly display dates and currency. This can be changed by going to your Control Panel and choosing the setting for Region and Language options or Date and Time depending on your computer's Operating system.

Here you can choose a location format (country).Keep in mind that GiftWorks does not support multiple currencies at the same time (mixed currencies) GiftWorks only supports a single currency.

GiftWorks provides different date format fields to use in your letters. There is a Short Format and a Long Format option for each of the date fields that are available in the Inserted Fields list. The Regional Settingson your computer also control how the dates are displayed for these fields.

As an example, if you use the "Donor - General : Today's Date - Long Format" field in a letter and you process the letter on September 5th, the date could be displayed as 'September 5, 2012' or as 'September 05, 2012'. This is based on the date setting you have on your computer.

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