GiftWorks won't accept my license key

If you are trying to enter a GiftWorks license key into GiftWorks and continually get a message saying that you have entered an invalid license key... and you are sure that you have the correct license key, the following may help:

First, verify that your key is 16 letters and numbers, broken into sets of 4 by hyphens. It should look something like MGW#-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN where N represents any letter or number and # represents the number version of GiftWorks. The keys are no longer case-sensitive, but they are typically sent to you as all capital letters. Another common problem is "I" (the letter) vs. "1" (the number), and "O" (the letter) vs. "0" (the number). If you have and I, 1, O, or 0 in your software key, try the lookalike and see if that fixes your problem.

If you have installed a newer version of GiftWorks and then installed an older version of GiftWorks, this may cause your problem. To resolve this:

  1. Open your computer's Control Panel. Open Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows Vista/7) and look down the list of installed programs. Ensure that GiftWorks is not installed twice. If it is, you will need to uninstall both copies of GiftWorks and then reinstall your version of GiftWorks.
  2. Go to C:/Program Files/FrontStream/GiftWorks/System (GiftWorks 2015) or C:/Program Files/Mission Research/GiftWorks/System (GiftWorks 2014) folder and look for a file that ends with ".li_". If you have more than one of these files, you will have a problem with your licensing.
  3. To resolve this, use the following table to ensure that only 1 file remains in the system folder
    • If you are usingGiftWorks 2015, the the correct license file is "giftwks9.li_"
    • If you are usingGiftWorks 2014, the the correct license file is "giftwks8.li_"
  4. Make sure that only 1 license file is in your system folder.
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