Norton Internet Security blocking GiftWorks access to internet

The first time GiftWorks tries to access the internet, Norton Internet Security will pop up a message notifying you of that access attempt and asking you what to do about it. If you choose to block the internet access, Norton will frequently not ask you again and continue to block the program in question from accessing the internet. It is possible that you blocked GiftWorks from accessing the internet

To check this and to allow GiftWorks to access the internet (for posting error messages and enabling automatic updates)

To remove a program from the blocked list:

Double-click the Norton Internet Security icon.

Double-click Personal Firewall.

On the Programs tab, select the program that you want to unblock in the Manual Program Control window.

Click Remove.

Click OK to any warning messages.

If there are other components of the program that appear in the list, remove them as well.

Click OK to close the Program Control window.

Close Norton Internet Security.

You should now see that GiftWorks is Online. If, after a few minutes, GiftWorks still shows as Offline, your problem may be caused by the Proxy server settings for your internet connection.

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