Deleting sample donor data

If you started to use GiftWorks with the Sample Database and now want to continue to use that same database without re-entering your data, you can follow the steps below to delete the Sample data.

Click on the All Donors SmartList and then click on the Customize link. Check Date Entered. Identify and note the date that you started entering your own donors and data.

Log out of GiftWorks. Go to the GiftWorks folder where your Sample database folder is stored (typically C:\Program Files\FrontStream\GiftWorks\Data (for GiftWorks 2015) or C:\Program Files\MissionResearch\GiftWorks\Data (for 2014). Right-click on the sample database (.gds) file (normally gw-tr.gds) and click Copy. Right click on white space in the folder and select Paste to place a copy into the same folder.

Right-click on the Copy of document and Rename it Sign in to GiftWorks. Click on the Options link and choose Select an existing database. Browse to find the database that you just created and sign in Click on the SmartLists section and then click on Create A New SmartList. Create a Donor SmartList and select History and Created from the criteria category dropdown list. Select Custom Dates from the dropdown list and check Is Before and select the date before you entered your own data Name and Save the SmartList; dont share it.

Review the contents for correction and then click on Settings > Importing, Exporting, and Data Management > Delete Information from your Database > Delete SmartList contents.  Select the sample donor SmartList you created from the SmartList dropdown list. Click on Delete SmartList Contents to delete the sample donors from your database

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