Proxy server considerations for using GiftWorks

GiftWorks connects to the internet regularly to check for available updates GiftWorks can work online through a direct internet connection or through a proxy server. Using a direct internet connection does not require any additional configuration If your organization requires a proxy server to connect to the internet you may be required to configure GiftWorks to use the proxy server. In most cases the proxy server settings will be already configured in Internet Explorer. If this is the case, GiftWorks will look up that information automatically, requiring no additional configuration

If the proxy server information is not configured in Internet Explorer, you will have to tell GiftWorks about your proxy server before GiftWorks will work online.

To configure GiftWorks for a proxy server, start GiftWorks and click on the Internet Updates link at the bottom left of GiftWorks. Choose Customize updates from the menu. In the pop-up window, check the Use a proxy server box and specify the proxy server name and port number. This information should be available from your network administrator. Because organizations use proxy servers to manage the content uploaded to and downloaded from the internet, a proxy server may block some data that GiftWorks sends back and forth across the internet.

In order for GiftWorks internet access to function properly, access to must be allowed for both POST and GET HTTP methods. Your network administrator should be able to configure this access on your proxy server for you

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