GiftWorks and Terminal Server

While we do not provide support for users wishing to setup GiftWorks on a Terminal Server, we can offer a few tips and configuration settings:

  • Updates would be required and not likely be successful under execute mode.
  • Different versions of server software may have different requirements and functionality.
  • Microsoft updates and service packs can sufficiently change the server environment to make the software unstable. Please use caution when updating.
  • Replace the following line in the giftworks.ini file located in the program filesmission researchgiftworkssystem folder:Flags=|usertemp=%255%GiftWorks|userstorage=%5%GiftWorks|programdata=%{programdata}%|
  • In order for record and database locking to work within GiftWorks on a Terminal Server, make the following registry change according to the instructions from the following Microsoft Knowledge Base link -
  • If you experience trouble that prevents GiftWorks from starting, try to start GiftWorks using the "Run as Administrator" option. If this works, there may be security settings that prevent GiftWorks from operating properly.
  • If you get an error while starting GiftWorks that contains a message about a registry change, please log a ticket for further assistance.


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