Sharing GiftWorks from SQL Server

The GiftWorks database is not a SQL server database. It is a Microsoft JET database that we connect to using Microsoft Data Access Components. The GiftWorks database has a .gds extension, and you can place that .gds file at any location mutually accessible to all of the users with GiftWorks installed. You would need to direct GiftWorks to point to the database location out on the server shared folder.

We do recommend using UNC paths, because Windows tends to drop mapped drive connections, which causes GiftWorks to no longer see the database path until the user opens that mapped drive again through Windows Explorer Each of the Windows user ids that will be running GiftWorks will need to have full control of both the folder where the .gds file resides, and also have full control of the .gds file itself.

When a user signs into GiftWorks, a temporary file is also created in the directory. Modify permission alone will not suffice Each user of GiftWorks will need to have a GiftWorks license.

The GiftWorks licenses are per computer on workstation operating systems. On a server operating system, the licensing is per user.

If you install GiftWorks on Windows Server 2003 and allow 5 Windows user ids to sign in and use GiftWorks, you will need 5 licenses as well.

We now offer GiftWorks Pro. This uses Microsoft SQL Server database technology for improved performance, scalability, and capabilities. it also supports a much larger capacity of donors and donations (around 100,000 to 200,000 donors and hundreds of thousands of donations). Click here to learn more about GiftWorks Pro.

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