Install GiftWorks on another computer

To install GiftWorks on another computer:

1. Go to:

2. Click on the Download link located under the version of CRM(GiftWorks) you purchased. Save the file to an easy to remember location such as your desktop.

3. Then go to the desktop and right-click on the GiftWorks installer file (ex: "GiftWorks_2015.exe"), and choose Run as Administrator."

4. Shortly, in one of the following windows, choose the option to install for Anyone who uses this computer

5. One of the windows will ask if you want trials of Volunteers and Events installed. If so, check these boxes and continue. (If you have already purchased Events and Volunteers, check these boxes to install them as trials. After installing, you can add the license keys in Settings to give you the full version.)

6. GiftWorks will then open. Add your license key. Fill out your company information to complete the registration.

7. Choose the option Open an existing database and browse to where your database file (.gds) is located, and open it.

8. Choose your desired username, then click Done.

9. On following screen, click "Sign In." After trying those steps, please let me know if you have any questions or issues.

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