Datebox Custom Field and Tracking Birthdays

GiftWorks gives you the option to NOT include the year when using a Date Field for SmartList criteria. This makes it easier to keep track of Birthdates, Anniversary dates, Renewal Dates, etc. You can enter the actual date of the birth (ex: 1/21/1970) but also easily create a SmartList of donors who have a birthdayon a specific day (e.g. January 1), in a specificmonth (e.g. January) or for a specific date range (e.g. Next 30 Days) regardless of the year. As an example, for Birthdate,you create the Datebox custom field in Settings.

  • Click Settings
  • Click on Fields, Lists and More
  • Click on Manage Donor Custom Fields
  • Click on Add a New Field
  • Choose Datebox as the field type
  • Click Next
  • Name the field Birthday or Birthdate etc
  • Click Save

You can now use this field to enter in the Birthdate when adding or editing donors. You can then create a SmartList based on thespecific day, month or date range of the Birthdate that is important.

  • Click on the SmartLists icon
  • Click on Create a New SmartList
  • Choose Donors (if you have Affiliate donors, be sure to add criteria to include them if needed)
  • Click Next
  • Select the criteria category as Donor Custom Field>Birthdate (or whatever you named that field)
  • Click on the dropdown arrow for All Dates andchooseCustom Datesto pick a specific day or date range or pick one of the available options for a date range (e.g. Next 30 days).
  • Check the box beside Do not include year In the date comparison (Note: This option is not available for some choices such as All Dates, All To Date, Current Year if it would result in all dates being selected)
  • Click Next
  • You can now Customize the list to show a column for that Birthdate field if you would like to.
  • Click Next
  • Name and Save your SmartList

The SmartList will include all the donors that meet the date criteria, regardless of the year. For example, if the criteria is for a single date (e.g. 1/1/2012), it will include donors that have a birthday on January 1, regardless of the year they were born. If the criteria is between 1/1/2012 and 1/31/2013, it will include donors that have a birthday in January regardless of the year they were born. If the criteria is Next 30 Days, it will include all donors that have a birthday in the next 30 days regardless of the year they were born.

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