Address Validation

Through our existing partnership with MapQuest, GiftWorks now has the ability to validate addresses and optionally update them based on the suggested MapQuest address.

Validating is the process of checking the addresses for accuracy. This process will also store geocode information with each address. Geocoding is the process of determining the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates for a specific address. This will support the ability to create reports that plot addresses on a map, donor lookups based on distances from a map point, and more powerful mapping tools.

This functionality is available when adding a donor, adding/editing a single address or for a list of donors in a SmartList.

When doing this process from a SmartList or from within Settings, it will only validate the Mailing address. If you are adding/editing ANY TYPE of address, you can validate from there as well.

This process can not validate P.O. boxes. While notresulting in officially USPS certified addresses, this feature can provide you with a high level of confidence that your donor addresses are accurate. This process will validate addresses worldwide, not just addresses in the United States.

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