Moving GiftWorks PRO to another computer/network

Moving GiftWorks PRO to another computer/network Before you begin, please gather the following information:

  • Your GiftWorks PRO Version (GiftWorks 2015 PRO, GiftWorks 2014 PRO)
  • Your GiftWorks License Key (You can find this on the Help -> About GiftWorks menu item at the top left corner of GiftWorks)

Once you have collected the necessary information, you can Download and install GiftWorks on to the new computer from Click the Download Now button below the version of CRM/GiftWorks you have purchased. (Your GiftWorks License Key will convert that installation from a trial into your fully licensed PRO version) After installing GiftWorks Pro, choose the option to Open an existing database and click Next


This next screen will require information about your Microsoft SQL Server installation. For the Server Name, you will need to know either the name of the default instance or the named instance. A default instance will look something like MyServer versus an instance name which will look like MyServer\MyInstance. For the username/password, if you are using Windows Authentication, you will leave the username and password field blank. GiftWorks Pro will use the credentials that you used to log into your computer to authenticate with Microsoft SQL Server. If you are using SQL Server Authentication, you will enter the appropriate username and password.

Click Next. Choose your GiftWorks user name and click Done. Click Sign In.

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