GiftWorks Anywhere/Citrix login update

There was an update implemented to the Citrix login portal. This update may require you to refresh or re-add your applications. Please pass this information on to ALL GiftWorks Anywhere users at your Organization. When you log in to Citrix you will see this message:

Click Remove.

**** If you have already logged in to Citrix and clicked Cancel, you will need to Refresh. To do this, click on the Settings wheel and choose Refresh Apps****

Then click the Remove button. You should then see the screen below:

If you still see any applications instead of the screen above, right click on the application and choose Remove (or hover your mouse over the application and click the x at the top left corner). Click Add Apps in middle of screen. Click on All Applications on the left.

You will then see a list of the applications that are available to you.

Click on File Explorer GiftWorks, GiftWorks, and any other applications that are listed. This will add them to the Citrix list in the middle of the screen.

After you have added your applications, click the + sign to minimize the All Applications area. You can now use GiftWorks.

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