GiftWorks 2015 - Importing Memberships

Membership tracking was first introduced in GiftWorks 2014 and allows you to track membership programs, level, benefits, and more.

GiftWorks 2015 includes a new feature which allows you to import memberships into GiftWorks so that you can quickly get started using memberships. Or if you need to transfer memberships from another system to GiftWorks on a regular basis, this new feature will make importing those memberships quick and easy.

***Before importing this information into GiftWorks, you will need to setup the membership programs and levels within GiftWorks***

Configuring Membership Information in GiftWorks

This can be done in Settings / Fields, Lists, and More /Change GiftWorks Built-in Fields.  Double click on Membership Programs

Click on Add Program

Enter the Program Name.  You can also enter a Fund, Campaign and/or Appeal if you wish to.  Click Save to add the program.

Adding the Membership Levels

After you have added the Program Name(s), you will need to add the Membership Levels.   Click on the Program Name and then click on the Manage levels button.

 Click on the Add Level button.

Enter the Level Name, Dues, Units, Duration and Start information.   If you have Membership Benefits you can choose the Membership Benefit the donor receives for each level.   **Note – you must first add the Membership Benefits in Settings / Fields, Lists, and More / Change GiftWorks Built-in Fields

Click Save.  After adding each Level, click on Return to Membership Programs then click Save.

Preparing Excel file for Import

Once you have configured the memberships, you’re ready to import the membership information.

Let’s start with a fairly simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains basic donor and membership information. This will illustrate how easy it is to import memberships into GiftWorks.

Excel Spreadsheet with Donor and Membership Information

The spreadsheet contains membership information that can be imported into GiftWorks.

  • Donor information (name, address, etc.) - this information is used to add new donor information or update existing donors in GiftWorks. If you do want to add membership information to existing donors, be sure to refer to the GiftWorks Import Guide to better understand how to configure your import.
  • Donation/Payment information - this information represents a donation being added for a donor and being attributed (credited) toward the membership dues.
  • Apply to Memberships - should the donations being imported be used to pay for membership dues?
  • Membership Program & Level - what kind of membership?
  • Membership Start Date - when does the membership begin?
  • Membership Expire Date - when does the membership end?
  • Membership Dues - how much are the dues for this membership?
  • Membership Type - what type of membership is this - New, Renewal, Upgrade, or Downgrade?
  • Membership Status - is this a Pending, Active, or Inactive Membership? (Inactive memberships can be imported if you want to have a record of historical memberships)

Importing the Membership Information

To start an import in GiftWorks, click on Settings / Import, Export, and Data Management / Import Data / Import a File. Choose the Microsoft Excel file that contains the membership information.

Select the Microsoft Excel File


Verify the Information to be Imported

When importing memberships, there are some options that can help to ensure that your membership import will produce the results you're hoping to achieve.

Membership Import Options

Existing Memberships - when importing memberships and a donor already has an existing membership with a matching status, how should GiftWorks handle this scenario? You have the choice to ignore the imported membership, deactivate the existing membership and import the new one, or update the existing membership with the membership information that's being imported.

Associate Donations with a Membership - when importing donations, these options can be used to control how membership dues are credited. On the mapping screen, you'll map the fields as you would on a normal import. In the following screen, you'll notice that we've mapped the donor information, the donation information, and some of the basic membership fields.

Mapping the Basic Import Fields

There are two fields which still need to be mapped - Membership Program and Level and Membership Status. When mapping these fields, you will be prompted to match the values that are being imported from your spreadsheet with the values that are configured in GiftWorks.

Mapping the Program and Level

The same will be done for the Membership Status.

Mapping the Membership Status

With all the fields mapped, the import can be tested to ensure that the import is ready to be completed.

Test the Import

Notice the importer now includes a report of the memberships that will be created. Review this information and proceed to the actual import.

Completing the Import

When the import is complete, we can review the results by viewing a donor to ensure the membership has been imported correctly. Let's take a look at Mary Jones donor detail screen.

Donor Details - Membership Information

Notice that the membership has been imported with the correct membership program, level, dues, start date, expire date, and type. Also notice that the $50 donation has been received and applied to this membership leaving an outstanding dues amount of $25.

Let's take a look at Jim Franklin. We had imported an Inactive membership so that we could store old memberships for the donor.

Donor Details - Inactive Membership

There are other options and fields that can be used when importing memberships. Be sure to review each option and the available fields when preparing your import. 

We hope this new GiftWorks 2015 feature helps you manage and track your memberships in the most efficient and effective way.

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