FastTransact Integrated with the FrontStream GiftWorks CRM

Multiple Page Download

For those organizations that use multiple FastTransact pages as part of their donation or payment collection process, you will now be able to download donations/payments from all your pages into GiftWorks at the same time. In the previous version of GiftWorks, if you used multiple payment pages, you needed to repeat the download process for each page reconfiguring the integration in the Settings area each time. In GiftWorks 2015, when going through the download process, you will notice a source column when viewing the list of transactions that are available for download. The source is the FastTransact page (url name) where the donation/payment was processed.

Source Column in Download List

This source information can optionally be used to set the appeal in the imported donation/payment so that you can analyze the donations/payments in GiftWorks and what page was used to receive them.

Options When Downloading Transactions with Source Information

Directed/Restricted Field

In the previous version of GiftWorks, there were limited options when trying to setup a directed/restricted field on a donation/payment page. In GiftWorks 2015, we've worked to improve the FastTransact and GiftWorks integration by making the setup and use of a directed/restricted field easier. A directed/restricted field is helpful when you want to provide the donor/payer an option to choose where this donation should be used. Lets walk through the setup of the directed/restricted field in FastTransact Partner Portal and then well download the information into GiftWorks. The first step is to setup a Payment Flex Field in FastTransact. Youll want to login to your Partner Portal account and go to the Site Settings area. Locate the Export ID field for the Flex Field that you want to use as your directed/restricted field. Enter GiftWorksRestriction. This will be used to let GiftWorks know which Flex Field will act as your directed/restricted field.

Setting Up the Flex Field in PartnerPortal

Be sure to set up the options in your Flex Field based on your desired directed/restricted choices. In our case, weve set up a Directed To field.

Directed To Option Setup

When donations/payments are made, the person will have to choose a Directed To option.

Making a Donation and Choosing a Directed To Option

After this donation is processed, it will be available to download into GiftWorks.

Download Transactions into GiftWorks

In the above screen, notice that the Directed field contains the information that was entered when the donation was being made. When this download process completes, the donation will now contain the correct Directed To information.

Donation Information

Tribute Designation and Download

In GiftWorks 2015, weve improved the way in which FastTransact tributes (In Honor Of, In Memory Of) are downloaded into GiftWorks. In the previous version of GiftWorks, the tribute information was included in the Directed column during the download. In FastTransact, youve always been able to designate a tribute when making a donation/payment as shown in the following screen:

Tribute Donation/Payment

When downloading this donation into GiftWorks, you will have the option to create the tribute in GiftWorks and associate it with the donation.

Tribute Options

Most often you will want to choose the option to create the tribute. After the download is complete, lets look at this donation and how it is associated with the tribute.

Donation with a Tribute

This tribute has also been added to GiftWorks and will be available when adding other donations. You can view this in the Settings >> Fields, Lists, and More >> Change GiftWorks Built-In Fields >> Honoraria/Memorials area.

Tribute List

GiftWorks 2015 includes a number of features that make integration with FastTransact easier and more powerful. We hope these improvements allow you to raise more and manage donations better.

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