How do I make a donation?

1. After logging in to your company’s workplace engagement campaign, either click the “Search Now” button or the “Charity Search” link on the site homepage.

2. Select a cause from the from the first dropdown menu. This will narrow down the selection of nonprofits you can give to.

What is a cause?
A cause is a group of nonprofits that focus on the same or similar principle, aim, or movement. For example, the cause Education will contain nonprofits that benefit schools, children, and education.

3. To narrow your search results further, enter a keyword, category, address, or EIN/Tax ID. Then click the search button.

4. Your results will display below the search fields. The search results will include all nonprofits that match the criteria you entered.

You can view these results as a list, or click the “Map View” button to view your results on a map.

To start a new search, simply enter new search criteria at the top of the page, or click the “New Search” button.

5. Click on the plus sign to add the nonprofit or charities to your cart. Click “Check out” to submit your donation, or “I’m not done searching” to add more items to your cart.

6. Next you will be brought to your nonprofit shopping cart, which displays a list of the nonprofits you will be donating to. To continue to check out, click the “Check out” button.

7. For each nonprofit in your cart you will next be asked to provide your donation details.

a. Select a payment option.

b. Enter your donation amount.

c. Enter how much of your allotted match you would like to use for this donation or decline the company match.

d. Provide any special instructions for your gift. For example, you can request that your donation be used towards litter and food for cats, if you are giving to an animal shelter. Please note that this request cannot be guaranteed.

e. Let us know if you would like to keep your name anonymous from the recipient nonprofit.

Repeat these steps for each nonprofit in your cart. Click the “Next” button when you are complete.

8. Review your donation information for nonprofit in your cart. If you need to make changes, click the “Edit” button. If you donation is ready to submit, click “Submit.”

9. Your donation is complete! From here you can share your contribution via social media or print a confirmation.

How to Print your Confirmation: Simply click the “Print Confirmation” button on the Thank You screen.

How to Share via Social Media: Click on the social media icon of your choice. A popup will display prompting you to log in or edit the message you will be sharing. Click the “Share” link to share your post.

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