Creating a user defined field (survey question)

It may be important to your organization to ask registrants or donors additional survey questions that are not included in the default user interface. For example, you might ask how registrants learned about the event so you know how best to advertise it next year. We call these additional survey questions user-defined fieldsbecause you define what they ask.

Step 1 Click User Defined Fields

Select Create New User Defined Field.

Tip: To display, edit or delete existing user-defined fields, click the arrow beside Page and select a page. Or, choose List user-defined fields on all pages to list them all.

  • Beside Field Name, type a name for the new field. Choose a name that will help you remember what the question is, in case you want to change it later. (If you don’t type a meaningful name, you won’t be able to find the field again.)
  • Beside Description, type a description of the field. (Optional)
  • Beside Type, choose how the person will answer – options include selecting a checkbox, selecting a date, choosing from a dropdown list, selecting a radio button, or by typing freeform into a single line or multiple line input box.
  • Beside Data Transfer ID, type a unique identifier for this question. (We suggest that you use whatever you typed in the Field Name field.)
  • Beside Mandatory, choose Yes if you require the person to answer this question, or No if the question is optional
  • Beside Capture on Pages, click to make a check mark beside each page you want the question to appear on.

Tip: Whether you choose to display your question to a Donor, Registrants, or only Team Captains, it is important to display it to both the user and the administrator.

  • Beside Question, type the question exactly as registrants or donors will see it.
  • If the answers will be in a dropdown menu or radio buttons, there are some additional steps:
    • Below Order, type the order in which this answer should appear. (e.g., 1 appears first, 2 appears second, etc.)
    • Below Answer Text, type the text of the answers as registrants or donors will see them.Important: If you are using a dropdown list, ALWAYS make the first answer “Please Select”.
    • Below Opt-in, click to put a check mark in the box if you want this answer to be selected by default (“opted in”). This only applies to check boxes.
    • Below Data Transfer ID, type a unique identifier (Export ID) for this answer.
    • If you want to add a follow up question if people choose a certain answer, click Add sub item and repeat the same process. Example: A question asks whether registrants would like a T-shirt. If they answer Yes, you could create a sub item to ask the size.

Tip: The Hide column allows you to hide one of the answers from appearing in the list without deleting it

Publish UDF Answers: Choose if you wish to have UDF answers displayed on Personal or Team pages.

Tip: To change the sort order of your questions on a page, choose the page you wish to edit:

Click Save Sort Order.

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