How do I create or join a team?

If the event you are registering for has the option for teams, you can either join a team or create a new team.


During registration

Once you are on the event page, select the Fundraise/Register/Join Now button and choose the quantity of people you wish to register. You will then have the option to sign in or (if you are new) create an account.


Next, you will have the option to Join or Create a team.

If you choose I want to join an existing team, you will be prompted to select from the list of teams that are already created. After you select Join This Team, please select the Next button to finish the registration process.


If you choose I want to create my own team, after selecting the next button you will be prompted to add your team name, team organization name, team story, team image, and a team fundraising goal.


TIP: Team Name vs. Team Organization Name.
You team name is the fun creative name that you have formed for your team. Your team organization name would be used if you are apart of a school, community, profession, or group outside of FirstGivng.


Team Name: Happy Feet Dancers
Team Organization: Amy's School of Dance


After you have created your team, please select the Next button to finish the registration process.


After you've registered

If you have already registered and would like to join or create a team, no problem!

Log into your account and select the Edit button next to the page you wish to work with.

You may then select the Join A Team button.

On the next page, you can choose from a list of teams that have already been created and select the Join Team button. You may also create your own team by entering your team name into the Team Name field to the right and then select the Add Team button.


Note: If you are creating a team, you will automatically be deemed team captain.

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