How do I edit my team page?

Team captains are provided with the option to edit their team page.

Let’s list the responsibilities of Team Captain. With this title, you’ll be able to:

  1. Edit a team’s name, description, and story.
  2. Upload unlimited images. The first image is used as the team leaderboards thumbnail picture.
  3. Hide donation amounts, dates, messages, and names. If all attributes are hidden, the entire panel is hidden.
  4. Set and edit a collective fundraising goal. If set, a progress bar will show.
  5. Add/edit/remove a Youtube or Vimeo video.
  6. Enable or disable Facebook comments.

All of this functionality is available through your personal account. Simply click, Edit Team Page once you’ve logged in.

As a heads up, your edits will be saved in real time. Here’s what the editor will look like. Not too scary right?

And that about wraps it up! Happy Fundraising!

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