How do I set up fundraising pages for multiple people?

During the registration process you will create your own account and have the option to register others in addition to yourself.


You will then have the opportunity to enter their contact information. Please keep in mind that you will need to enter a different email address for each registrant, in order for them to have their own unique page. Once you register the person, they will receive a confirmation message with a unique page creation link to the email you specified.

Once they receive the email, & select their page creation link, they will be prompted to create their own personal fundraising page.


Additionally, each personal that you have registered will also have the option to select the "Someone Else Registered Me And I Need To Create A Page" link in place of using their page creation code within their confirmation email message.

This link is available after selecting the Register/Join Now/Fundraise button on the event page.


They will then search for their name, and be prompted to finish creating their personal fundraising page.


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