Can I use my page from last year?

Many people ask if they can just re-use their page from last year’s event.  The short answer unfortunately is no, you’ll have to create a new page every year, but here are some things that might make it easier.

First, you can use your same profile URL every year, and FirstGiving will automatically send donors to your most recent fundraising page. 

What does this mean exactly?  Your fundraising URL from last year is probably something like:

You can go to that URL to get to your 2016 page, but you can also just go to your “Profile URL”…

…and FirstGiving will automatically send you to your most recent page.  So even though you do have to create a new page every year, you can still send people to that same profile URL every year and they’ll automatically go to your page for this year.

Second, before you go to sign up this year, open your last year’s page in a separate window.  That way, when you go to sign up and create a page this year, you can copy and paste your information from last year to your 2017 page.  This should save you some time.


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