How do I create a fundraising page?

Use our search tool at to find the organization you are looking to support.

Then once on their nonprofit start page, click "Start fundraising." You will then be asked to either choose an event to join or if they do not have any events, to create a grassroots fundraising page for that nonprofit.

If you are linking to an official event, select the event and click Register.

If you are not linking to an official event, follow the prompts to create a grassroots fundraising page to support them by making a selection under "doing something we haven't listed". You will be asked why and how you are fundraising, when you are fundraising, and how long you want to fundraise for.

Your fundraising page will be linked to the nonprofit’s Tax ID number, and all funds are sent to the mailing address/bank account attached to the Tax ID number.

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    Needs to tell whether or not the fundraising page can be HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC until it has been completely setup. EX: a fundraiser may want to setup the page today but not launch it until tomorrow, after all info has been input and the fundraising has had a chance to be reviewed.

    On JustGiving, which is similar to FirstGiving, a donation page can be hidden. I hope FirstGiving has added this option.

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