How can I prepare data for mailings or importing?

Sending a mailing, whether it's through email or the postal service, and importing data require similar steps.

Follow these two essentials tips to save time when importing your FirstGiving data. You'll prevent duplicate entries and get cleaner data.

Match people between FirstGiving and your database

There's one unique identifier for any person in your reports--the person's email address. You can trace someone's activity (fundraising, donations, or registration) by their email address.

The only case in which this wouldn't apply is if a person used a different email address each time they came to the site. In that case, you could do a secondary match on name and address to avoid duplicates.

Cleaning up your reports

You can export your reports into Microsoft Excel, and then manipulate and manage your data extensively.

FrontStream's GiftWorks donor database will allow you to easily import your FirstGiving data to create targeted emails and direct mailings.

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