What are the benefits of the Online Donate Button?


Our Donation Button helps your nonprofit organization:

  • Take Donations Online
  • Have an Optimized Donation Form
  • Spread the word about donations and grow awareness about your organization.

Benefits for using the Donation Button:


Take donations online and never have to worry about security. We handle that.


Let donors tell the world why they support your cause on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


There are no additional startup fees. Even our transaction fees are minimal, so your nonprofit can keep more of your money.


We make sure that your donors have the best experience with our optimized donations process.


Get started taking donations in minutes. It is as easy as copy and paste.


If you are already a FirstGiving client, you can use this button with no additional charge.

The fee earned on transactions made through the button total 4.25%

    • credit card fee 2.5%
    • FirstGiving fee 1.75%

How to get your button

  1. Login to your nonprofit account.
  2. Click on the Widgets tab.
  3. Click on the "Donate Now" widget.
  4. To edit the look of the button select on "Update Button" in the yellow box to the left. Once it is presented the way you like select on "Save Settings"
  5. Go to where you edit your webpage.
  6. Locate where you want to put your button
  7. Copy and paste the javascript code we gave you.
  8. Save the page and publish it.

All done!  Collect donations online.


Please refer to the article on editing your donate button by clicking here!



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