How does my nonprofit receive funds?

We encourage all organizations to sign up for electronic fund transfers (EFT), which will remain free of charge and offer quicker, more reliable disbursements. There is a $20.00 fee for each check mailed. (All disbursements that have been received by your nonprofit are included in this policy.) If you are a FirstGiving Premium customer, this fee will not be applied.

If you receive mailed checks, please see below for instructions on how to simply begin receiving disbursements by EFT. 

FirstGiving offers two donation disbursement options: 

  1. EFTs (Electronic Fund Transfers)
  2. Mailed checks ($20.00 per check)

We encourage you to take advantage of the benefits of EFT:

  1. Donations received more frequently
  2. Direct settlement into a valid bank account
  3. No risk of returned/undeliverable checks

Here’s a little information on the difference between EFTs and mailed checks 


First Payment

Ongoing Payments


Processing Time


The Thursday following a donation.

Every Thursday

2nd and 4th Tuesday
of every month

2 business days


Thursday closest to the 15th of the month

Thursday closest to the 15th of the month

1st and 3rd Tuesday
of every month

2 business days + mail

Mailed checks: This is FirstGiving's default payment process. These checks go out on a monthly basis, for the previous month’s total.

FirstGiving maintains PCI DSS Level 1 certification and stores data using the highest levels of encryption and tokenization.

Sign up for EFTs today!

If you’d like your funds faster, sign up today. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps.

1. Sign into your FirstGiving nonprofit account and click the “Reports” tab.


2. Once you’re there, click the indicated link, labeled, “Download an EFT form.”

3. Fill out the form and email to

Not so bad right? And as always, thanks for making the world a better place.

Happy Fundraising!



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