Titles for your constituents

This feature allows you to set up titles, such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr. The titles you set up here are available for participants and donors to choose when entering their name on your website.

Step 1 On the Configuration Tab, select Title Settings.

Step 2 Click Setup New Title

Beside Name, type the title you want to add. (e.g. Mrs.)

Beside Description, it is optional to type notes regarding the title.

Beside Export ID, type a unique identifier for this title. (We suggest that you use whatever you typed in the Name field unless the system you are exporting to expects a particular identifier.)

Beside Sort Order, choose the order in which the title should appear in the Title dropdown menu.

Beside Display in dropdown, choose Yes if you want to include the title in your Title dropdown menu. (For example, if you add “Dr.” as a title for one event, you may not want to include it for the next one. This lets you drop a title without deleting it.)

Click Save.

At any time, you can re-order how your titles display:

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