Setting up tax receipts

Step 1 Configuration Tab

Learn how to:

  • Specify a contact to receive an email if the block of tax receipt numbers is running out
  • Whether to setup a different receipt for each location, or use the same receipt for many
  • Set up the style of your tax receipt numbers and a minimum amount
  • Set up blocks of tax receipt numbers
  • Set up the appearance of your tax receipt

Step 2 Administrator Email Address

To specify a contact to alert when receipt blocks are running out, type the email address of someone in your organization who will be responsible for maintaining the blocks of tax receipt numbers. The system will send this person an email when 150 receipts are left in the block and again when 20 receipts remain.

Step 3 Click set up a new receipt bundle

Tip: Almost always set up your Default Primary bundle. You only need to set up new bundles if your organization will be issuing receipts by location. Otherwise, just edit the default bundle instead of setting up new ones.

Click Edit Tax Receipt Settings. Here is where you can assign tax receipt numbers and minimum donation amounts



Tip: For each tax receipt bundle, you can specify whether a tax receipt can be issued without a post address. To enable please give a check mark next to "Addresses are optional". This is NOT recommended for Canadian charities as a post address is mandatory on an official Canadian tax receipt.

Step 4 Click to setup your Tax Receipt Number Block

Tax Receipt Numbers


  • Current Number displays the last tax receipt number actually issued.
  • Status displays whether the block of numbers is active, expired, or not started yet.
  • Once you have set up your blocks of numbers, you can click the Details link to change the ending number or expire a block of numbers. When you expire a block of numbers, the next block automatically starts.
  • It is important to monitor the status of your blocks of numbers so you never run out.

Step 5 Click setup Tax Receipt Template

Fill in the above page as follows

This is an example of a customized tax receipt:

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