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  • How to change all of your template fonts & headings

In the Event User Interface section, click Fonts and Headings


  • Select to customize Regular and/or Mobile fonts and headings
  • All Navigation headings and Body fonts are grouped for ease of use. To expand the list of pages, select Expand All or click “+”.

Each section can be edit with a colour picker

  • To change the fonts, click one of the font names in the Font box.
  • To change the font size, click either Relative or Absolute. (If you choose Relative, the font size will be set by the browser. If you choose Absolute, the font will be the specified size regardless of the browser used.) Then choose a size from the box to the right of your selection.
  • To change the font colour, click the box below Font Colour. A colour-picker window appears where you can choose the colours.

Change the font colour in any of the following ways, then click away from the window to close it again.

  • The small circle in the block on the left side of the colour-picker window shows the current colour. Drag the circle around to change the colour or click inside the box to change the colour.
  • The arrows on the rainbow-coloured slider bar show the current colour palette. Drag the arrows up and down to change the colour palette.
  • Type a hex colour number beside #.
  • Type colour numbers in the R,G, and B boxes or use the spin buttons to select a number.
  • Type colour numbers in the H, S, and B boxes or use the spin buttons to select a number.

Tips: When editing in Body, click the Switch to Advanced Mode link and more items will appear in the box. If you are an advanced user, this gives you more options.

Edit Advanced options such as

  • Links: Hovered, Visiting, Active, etc

Click Save.

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