Uploading a header & footer

Let's Learn:

  • How to add a header or footer image onto your page.

Step 1: In the Style Settings section, click Header & Footer

Select Regular or Mobile tabs to upload platform specific headers

Tip: If you do not specify an image for Mobile, the system will scale down the header image used for the regular website view.

Choose Static Image or Interactive (HTML). 

  • If you choose Static, click the browse button to upload your image.  
  • If you chose Interactive (HTML), type or paste in the HTML code you want. 
  • Any images that you link to should be hosted on a secure server beginning with https:// (SSL certificate) to avoid browser warning messages.

Tip: Choosing Static Image enables you to add an image to the header. Choosing Interactive (HTML)enables you to use HTML code to control the header content. For example, you could add links, Flash animation, or an image map to the header.

When finished, your header will be positioned on the top of each of your pages throughout your site. 

Tip: When launching a fundraiser, it's a smart idea to include the name of your fundraiser and date that it's taking place in your header. This way it's easily visible for each one of your registrants. 


To add a Footer to your website, click the “+” and follow the same steps.

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