Setting up custom emails

Tip: Only participants who gave permission to be contacted will receive custom emails.

Step 1 Click Emails

Select Create Custom Email

Step 2 Create your email content

  • Load a copy of a previously saved email. Think of this as the “Save As” feature in MS Word.
  • Under Email Name, type a brief descriptive name for this custom email that will help you identify it in the list of emails.
  • Under Description, you can optionally type a more detailed description.
  • Update Subject and Content
  • Select your Layout if applicable
  • Add Attachments, max file size is 300KB for each attachment.

Step 3 Select your email recipients

  • Select the recipient type (Donor, Participant, All Donors & Participants, Team Captains).
  • Choose whether the Email will be sent to all participants or only those that have opted in for Email contact.
  • Define your filter conditions by adding one or more Rules. 
  • Setup a recurring schedule (max 99 days).
  • Indicate if you would like to send the email to new recipients who meet the condition.

Additional Information on Segmenting by UDF Response:

Segmenting by UDF response provides you with the opportunity to do more with the responses to the survey questions you ask registrants and donors.

For example, if during the registration process you ask users if they have an Android or iOS device, you can then send a custom email targeting those registrants with links to downloading your events mobile app from the Google Play or iTunes App store.

When segmenting by UDF, you can filter by UDF type check box, radio button, drop down, text line and date selector. You cannot segment by Text area.

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