Setting up an email thermometer

A new %Thermometer% keyword has been added to the Get Sponsors and/or Thank Sponsors emails.

The keyword allows a participant’s fundraising thermometer to appear as an image embedded in the email. (In the Thank Team Sponsors scenario, a team thermometer will be embedded.)

Please note: The enhanced Fundraising Hub does not need to be enabled for this feature to be used in an event.

To remove the Email Thermometer from an email, delete the %Thermometer% keyword from the content of the appropriate email under Event > Emails.

Step 1 Click on Widgets

In the Thermometer section, click Manage.

Step 2 Edit Thermometer Settings

Select Email Thermometer

In the Email Thermometer Styling page, you can customize just about everything on the thermometer. You can also preview what the thermometer will look like directly from the page.

Step 3 Adding the Email Thermometer to an existing email template

In the Email section, go to Get Sponsors, Thank Sponsors or Thank Team Sponsors email.

In the content editor, click where you would like to insert the thermometer into the body of the email.

Choose Insert Keyword from the tool bar and select the %Thermometer% keyword.

Here is what constituents will see:

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