Course: Account Setup (15 min)

Configuration tab is where you can configure your important account settings (E.g. administrator set up, tax receipts set up, payment gateway set up, integration set up, etc.). Make sure all your settings are configured correctly before you start creating events. (Note: any change or update you make in the Configuration tab can affect all of your existing or newly created events.) 

In this course, you will learn how to set up the following.

Set up a Payment Gateway

Your payment gateway processes online credit card transactions. Please ensure your gateway credentials are entered correctly; otherwise, you wouldn't be able to process your donors' donations. (Related article)

Set up Your Tax Receipts

Once a donation is made online, your donor will receive an electronic tax receipt which is sent in PDF format. Unless you're issuing tax receipts by location, you can simply update our Default Tax Receipt template.  

Set up a Monthly Donation Plan

With our monthly donation plan, you can allow your donors to make recurring donations to support your cause. You can define your own processing day and installments. 

Great job on completing the course! You can click this link to check out other videos and articles on working in the Configuration tab.

Wait! If you're also using our FrontStream CRM, click here to learn how you can integrate Frundraising Pro with CRM.  


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