Facebook single sign on – registration

With Facebook Single Sign On – Registration enabled, your event participants will be able to register quickly and easily. They can also come back to your site and log into their fundraising accounts with their Facebook login. Facebook makes it simple for your registrants to access their online fundraising tools.

This feature is enabled by default in the following section > Widgets > Social Network Settings.

The following describes a donor’s experience if choosing to use Facebook to register for an event.

A “Log In With Facebook” content area will appear on the event home page.

The icon will also appear on your event’s Registration – Check for Existing Account page.

Event participants may choose to select the Facebook icon as their first step of registration. They will be prompted to log into Facebook.

Once registrants have logged into Facebook, they will be directed back to the next step of registration. Depending on your event settings, participants may be asked to choose a location, or create a team.

Connecting with Facebook allows information like name, email, or address details to pre-populate into the Contact Information page fields during registration. Which pieces of information will pre-populate will always depend on Facebook security settings of individual users.

If your organization has already enabled Facebook Connect Single Sign On – Donation, you may have users who have already used their Facebook accounts to make a donation on your ORGID.

If this is the case, they may use their previous information submitted to the database for registration as well. Previous donors or registrants who have used Facebook to connect to your pages will see the following messages:

Once choosing “Continue”, registrants will be provided with options for populating their registration contact information forms.

“Our records indicate that you have previously logged in with Facebook using our system. Would you like to use the data you previously provided to populate this form? Please Note: We will never use your data without your consent.”

Participants may choose “Disconnect” to log-out of Facebook while inside an event’s fundraising console.

Event participants who have registered without using Facebook will also see an option inside their fundraising consoles allowing them to associate their Facebook account with their fundraising account at any time.

Logging back in with Facebook: One of the great benefits of registering for an event with Facebook is the ease in which you can log back into your fundraising console.

Returning participants may choose to use their username & password to log in, or to simply click the Facebook “Login” button on Event Home Page to access their fundraising tools.

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