Setting up coaching tips for your fundraisers

Coaching tips are a great way to keep your participants engaged in your fundraising event. When enabled, coaching tips will be displayed to participants in the Fundraising Hub.

Step 1 Click on Widgets

In the Coaching Tips section, click Manage.

Step 2 Check the coaching tip(s) you would like to enable

The following "Default Coaching Tips for Participant" and "Default Coaching Tips for Team" will be available by default

The Coaching Tips are all logic based. They will be displayed to the participant when the participant meets the criteria. For example, if the participant has not sent out any solicitations in 14 or more, when they log into the fundraising console, the Coaching tip will be displayed.

In addition to the default coaching tips, you also have the option to add a Custom Coaching tip. Custom Coaching tips are not logic based and will be displayed to all participants.

Here is what your fundraisers will see:

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