Split team donations

When Direct Team donations are enabled for the event/campaign administrators have the ability to choose how the team donation will be handled.

You can now choose to split the donation amongst the team, or to have the donation go directly to the team.

To enable this feature please follow these steps:

1. Select your event from the Events tab
2. Click 'Event Settings' on the left navigation page
3. Give a checkmark next to 'Enable Team Donations'
4. Choose 'Split team donations amongst team members'

When split team donations is enabled, if a donor makes a donation, the donation will be split evenly amongst all of the team members (if not able to evenly split, the captain will get the extra cents). From the donor perspective, the donation is handled as only 1 transaction so they only make one payment and are issued 1 tax receipt.


  • Split team donations are not supported for monthly donations, only one time donations.
  • Donations made to a team member when on a team shall follow the team member if they change teams


The following reports have been updated so you can report on Team Split donations:

  • Donation Details
  • Registration Details
  • Snapshot

In the Donation Details report, if a Team Split donation is made, the report will display multiple entries for the donation. For example, if a $50 donation is made to a team of 2 and team split donations is enabled, the donation details report will display 2 donations, each for $25.

In addition, the “Solicitor:Registration Type” column will display “TeamMemberSplit” when the donation is a team split donation.

Just as in the donation details report, the Snapshot report will display multiple entries for a team split donation.

Email Notifications:

When a split team donation is made, the "New Team Sponsor" notification email will be sent to all members of the sponsored team. You can enable, disable or edit this email within the emails section of your event. 

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