Purchase Items: During and After Registration

Admins can now add items to be purchased by registrants during the enhanced registration process on the event-campaign template. These items may also be purchased after registration. 

To add and enable purchase items for your event:

1. From the admin console, go to your event/campaign.
2. Click on Purchase Items.
3. Under the Purchase Items section, click on the Add button.


4. Fill out the mandatory fields and click submit.


Please note that the recommended image size for purchase items is 180px x 134px.

5. Once you have added the item, click on the check box next to Display during
Registration. This will make your items available for purchase during the registration process.

Click on the check box next to "Display in Fundraising Hub" to allow participants to purchase items after registration through the fundraising hub.  


Purchasing an item – The registrant experience

When purchase items are enabled, an additional step in the registration process will be visible to registrants. The step is called “Merchandise” and appears after “Additional Questions”.  Please note: The word Merchandise in the progress bar is not editable.


Please Note: The addition of “Merchandise” as a step in the registration process will increase the progress bar length at the top of the page. Ensure your header and footer images are a minimum 1000px in length.


Purchasing an item – The post-registrant experience



Reporting Details:
The following reports have been updated to capture information related to purchases during registration.

Registration (Details)

    New “Total Purchase Amount” column has been added

o   The column will be populated when a purchase has been made.

o   Total Purchase Amount is now a default column.

The existing Purchase Item Report now includes event data!

    Purchase Item (PDF version) can be run for event/campaign event types.
    Purchase Item (Excel version) can be run for event/campaign event types.


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