How to Create a Corporate Team

What is a “Corporate Team”? Corporate Teams are "one level" above regular teams, allowing your event to group teams under one umbrella.

The Registrant Experience: Participants registering for an event and creating a team can choose to affiliate themselves with a Corporate Team. Those joining a team will inherit the corporate affiliation chosen by the team captain.

Standard Individual and Team Registration types will not be covered in this article.  Click here to watch our video on standard individual and team registration types. 

Step 1 Add a Corporate Registration Type

Go to the Registration section of your event and click "Add" under the Corporate Teams heading. 

Step 2 Enter team details

Enter the required corporate team information and select which locations the team should be available to. 

Tip: Add a default fundraising goal to encourage the team to fundraise.

Search Consent

When the Search Consent checkbox is checked, the Corporate Team will be displayed in the Team Search page. The Corporate Team name will also be displayed in the Affiliation column for any affiliated teams or individuals. When unchecked, Corporate Team will not be visible in the search page.

Enable/Disable a Corporate Team

Admins have the ability to disable a corporate team. It is important to note that when you disable a corporate team any teams and individuals that were previously affiliated with a corporate team will no longer be affiliated with the corporate team.


Step 3 Submit your changes

After creating the corporate team you will be given a link to the public corporate team page.


How will this affect After creating a corporate team, team captains will have the option to affiliate their team with corporate teams upon registration. 


Note: We also display the corporate team affiliation in the Fundraising Hub. It is easy to change the corporate team affiliation as seen in the screenshot below.

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