Setting up Google Analytics

Setting up this feature enables you to link your event websites to your Google Analytics account. This allows you to track information about people who visit your website in order to optimize your Google adwords.

For example, you can learn the number of visitors, visitor path, conversion rate, and more. You can also learn what kind of browsers your donors are using and see where they are arriving from. This is how your website traffic information might appear on an easy-to-use Google dashboard accessed

Step 1 Click on Widgets and Manage

Click Submit.


Step 2 Enter your Google Analytics account information

  • Beside Enable Google Analytics, choose Enable.
  • Beside Enter your Google Analytics account number, type your account number.

Tip: If you are not sure how to set up a Google Analytics account, click Show/Hide Help to display steps to assist you.


For more information on setting up Goals & Funnels, contact your local support team.

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