Creating suggested donation amounts

For all event types, you can enable suggested donation amounts on all of your donation pages.

Step 1 Choose the event.

Step 2 From the left menu options, click on Suggested Donation Amounts and select the green plus icon.

Step 3 Enter an amount, a title (optional), and a description (optional). Click Submit. Please note that a maximum of 7 suggested amounts can be added.

* Tip: There is a 50 character limit for the title and the description. 

Step 4 If you want donors to enter their own donation amount, place a check mark beside "Allow donor to specify their own donation amount".

* Tip: If you want to change the order of the amounts, you can do so by clicking on the arrows in the Sort Order column. Don't forget to click Save.

Once suggested donation amounts are enabled, donors will be able to view them on the donation pages such as solicited donation page, unsolicited donation page, mobile donation page, Facebook Friendship Powered donation page, Facebook Friendship Powered mobile donation page, and self-sponsor post registration page.

Below are screenshots from an event that has suggested donation amounts enabled. 


Big Browser:



Note: Any events that have suggested donation amounts already enabled via content will continue to use the values that have been configured. If you want to leverage the new functionality, all you need to do is enable the new suggested donation amount as per the steps listed above.

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