Viewing email delivery status for registrants

If you have the dashboard tab enabled, you will be able to see email delivery data displayed on the constituent summary page in the Relationships tab.

Step 1 Search the registrant in the Relationships Tab

Search by any of the fields available and click the registrant name

Step 2 Scroll down to Received or Sent Emails section

The Status column will display one of the following values:

  • Delivered – Email was delivered but has not been opened
  • Opened – Email was delivered and opened
  • Clicked – Email was delivered, opened and a link within the email was clicked
  • Bounced – Email was not delivered
  • Pending – Email has not been sent by the system
  • Processing – Email is in the processes of being sent
  • Sent – Email has been sent, but we currently don’t have data on the deliverability (i.e. delivered, opened, etc…)
  • Failed – The system failed to generate the email

Note: You can use the date filter to choose a date range. It is also important to note that the “View >” link is only visible for emails that are 30 days or less old.

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